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The backbone of Team Kendallvue is the Community Center. Here are some things you can do...


Track events going on at the school, and subscribe to the Calendar to keep up to date automatically...

Keep up with Groups

Join groups to keep up to date with what interests you within the Team Kendallvue community...

Message Teachers/Other Parents

Private message Teachers and Parents from the Community Center...

About Team Kendallvue

This website is supported by the PTA for the benefit of the Kendallvue community including Parents, Teachers, Administrators; facilitating connections to each other and the broader community as a whole. This website should be a tool to allow you to connect and improve the educational experience for you and your children…

What we stand for


We want to create an environment that allows parents to be active participants in their child’s education. We also want to connect parents with other members of the broader Kendallvue community, as we are all “Stronger Together”.


We want to support our teachers with ANY resources they need to continue to provide the highest level education to all students at our school.


We are striving to create a platform that allows the Kendallvue community to come together to Learn, Play, and Support OUR community.


What's Happening with #TeamKendallvue

Introduction to the Community Center

Here is an introduction to the Community Center The community center is the way that Parents, Teachers, and Community Members connect to engage in groups and events associated with Kendallvue Elementary School.

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