Welcome to the Groups Home Page

What are groups and how do you use this function?

The Groups pages allow parents to join different groups associated with different aspects of the school and community. There are different categories of groups that parents and community members can join:

  • Teacher Classroom Groups
  • Extracurricular and School Sponsored Groups
  • Community Groups
Teacher Groups:

These are where Teachers can create classroom Groups for parents to join the classroom conversation. It allows for a direct line of conversation between teachers and parents, and improves the information flow on needs, events, and updates on the classroom.

Extracurricular and School Sponsored Groups:

This is where extracurricular and school sponsored groups allow parents to keep up to date with different activities that their kids might be interested in or are actively participating in. It also allows parents to join groups that allow them to engage and participate in the school environment EX: D.O.G.S (Dads Of Great Students)

Community Groups: 

This is where parents and other community members can create groups for activities so that other parents and students can connect around common interest, hobbies, and passions.