Parent Information Page

Welcome to the Parent information page. Here you can learn about how to use the #TeamKendallvue site to help make your life easier and connect with people, keep up to date, and support and grow our Kendallvue community.



From the #Teamkendallvue Website you can:

  • Keep up to date on News and Newsletters from Kendallvue Elementary 
  • Find/View/Subscribe to Calendars from the district, school, and community
  • Volunteer from a single webpage
  • Join Groups from the School, PTA, and #TeamKendallvue Community
  • Find and track Events going on at the school and in the community
  • Communicate with Teachers, Parents, and other Users on the #TeamKendallvue platform
  • Support the Kendallvue School and PTA through fundraisers

News and Calendars

This is where you can find the News and Events that keep you informed about what’s going on a Kendallvue Elementary.

Keep up to date on the latest news from Kendallvue Elementary School on the bottom of the “Home” page and on the “News” page under the “News/Events” menu. In addition you can access the “Newsletter” page to find the current newsletter or past newsletters archived for you to reference.


Find Jeffco District calendars, Kendallvue School Calendars, and Community Events, all in one place. The best feature is you can “Subscribe” to calendars and have easy access and updates to your preferred calendar program of choice (Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, etc…).

Yes, this means no more entering the school calendar in your phone! Subscribe to the calendar and it does the updates for you!

Community Center

The Community Center is your way to connect with others within the #TeamKendallvue website. You can Join Groups, Follow Events, and Message other members (Teachers, Parents, ect…)

Join Groups that help keep you connected to what you’re interested in at Kendallvue and in the broader community. Joining groups allows you to receive updates when there are posts to the group and follow conversations going on with in the groups page.

Teacher Classroom Groups:

Here is where you can find the classroom for your students Teacher. From here you can see updates and discussions related to the classroom. Also you can view post/updates about the classroom. This is your best way to keep up to date on your kids class!

School Groups:

SAC (School Accountability Committee), Watch D.O.G.S, PIC program (Parents In the Classroom)

PTA Groups:

PTA Group,  Teacher Appreciation Committee, Classroom Parents, Community Workgroup, etc…

Community Groups:

Sports groups (Disc Golf, Soccer, Basketball, eat…), Kendallvue Community Garden, After School Activities, and many more…


Here is where you can keep up to date with different events going on in and around the Kendallvue community. Events are sorted into different categories to allow you to find and follow what most interests you. You can also access this same information via the Calendar page

  • School Calendar
  • School Events
  • Teacher Events
  • Community Events
Communicate With Teachers/Other Parents

There is a Messaging feature within the #TeamKendallvue website, which allows users to send private messages to other users within the site. This can be used to send messages to teachers and staff members, as well as connecting parents and community members. When new messages are received you will be notified so you can engage within our community.

Support Kendallvue

Another Key aspect of the #TeamKendallvue site, is the ability to support the school. To find different ways that  you can help, check out the “How to Help” tab on the menu. In addition, you can support the school by engaging in the SAC (School Accountability Committee) and/or PIC (Parents In the Classroom) Program groups and participating in improving the learning experience at Kendallvue Elementary.