Join the P.A.C.K.

Parents Advancing Connected Kids

What is the Kendallvue P.A.C.K. ? 

The  Parents Advancing Connected Kids or P.A.C.K. is a way to connect parents with the Kendallvue Elementary School in a way that allows them to positively impact the kids and themselves. This allows passionate parents to find ways to help and engage in Kendallvue for the betterment of their kids, and the broader Kendallvue community as a whole. We encourage parents to share their passions, interests, knowledge, and most importantly time with the kids of Kendallvue, because “it takes a village”, and we need you to help make our “village” the best it can be…

What can parents do to help?

There are many different ways parents can volunteer to help around the school. 

  • Attend PTA (Parent/Teacher Association) and SAC (School Accountability Committee) meetings
  • Become a PTA: Classroom Parent and help coordinate other parents to help with teacher needs
  • Join the Watch D.O.G.S. a group that supports positive male presence in schools
  • Participate in the P.IC. (Parents In the Classroom) Group
  • Create or Join a “Group”  on the Community Center and share your passions/interests with the kids of the Kendallvue community

Join a School Accountability Group

Kendallvue PTA

The Kendallvue PTA is a group of Parents and Teachers who work together to support the needs and wants of Kendallvue Elementary School through fundraising and evens that support our community

PTA Group

School Accountability Committee

The School Accountability Committee (SAC) works to provide transparency and input for the day to day operations of the school. In addition they provide input in to the future development of school programs and operations.

SAC Group

Participate in the Classroom

PTA: Classroom Parent

Classroom Parent’s work with the PTA and Teachers to mobilize and inform parents about the happenings of individual teacher’s classrooms. As well as fulfilling teacher needs to help the teachers in any way possible. To volunteer to become your students Classroom Parent click the link bellow…

PTA: Classroom Parent Group

Watch D.O.G.S.

The Watch D.O.G.S group is part of a national organization that focuses on getting parents into the school to improve safety, provide positive role models, and help connect parents with their schools. Though the group targets “dad’s”, we want to encourage all parents to sign up and participate!

Watch D.O.G.S. Group

Parents In the Classroom Program

The PIC Program is a new program that is in development to allow teachers to create calendars with specific tasks that they would like parent participation in. The goal is to allow teachers an easy way to bring parents into the classroom on a regular basis to help improve the educational experience of the students.

Parents In the Classroom Group

Join or Create a group in the “Community Center” and share your passions with kids in our community

Join a Group

Join a group and connect with other people interested in the hobbies and interests you and your kids like to do.

Find Groups Here

Create a Community Group

Have a passion that you want to share with the broader Kendallvue Community? Create a group and connect with like minded kids and parents. The goal is to break down socioeconomic barriers and allow kids to experience new things and find there passions with out having to spend money for after school programs. 

Create a Group Here

Unite Around Common Interests

By joining groups you can keep connected with others who share you and your kids passions for activities. We hope to allow users to connect and find new friends around their shared interests/hobbies, thus strengthening and connecting our community.

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